Day 0: 101 Things Explained

Several, maybe dozens of times, in the past 10+ years I have professed a hidden guilty pleasure of minimalism to people, mostly in confidence and occasionally publicly. I have tried several times to reduce clutter, and yet time after time I end up right back at the start or even worse. Take my poor computer desk for example. What started a simple desk to game on with a single monitor and keyboard has turned into “the place where my things end up” when my wife or kids move anything of mine around the house. Frequent avalanches occur when I am trying to play a game or work on something at my desk. This is no way to live. My bedside table, my refrigerator, and my garage are all victims of this too. There are some points when looking for something in the garage that I almost feel as if I need a backhoe to dig through items its that bad.

We are all guilty to some degree of disorganization and clutter. Overtime I realize that physical clutter also clutters my mind. I get home from a busy day at work and think: man I really need to clean this place. Within minutes my mind is overwhelmed with hopeless thoughts and I end up giving in to the abyss and not doing anything.

Vicious circles

To combat this an idea struck me: spend most of the days between now and the start of the holidays purging items from my home, and document it all to hold myself accountable.  I chose 101 since as of this writing it is 104 days till Thanksgiving day, and once that hits usually the stress levels are epic in my home.  The wife’s schedule goes to 100, and that’s when all the various hubbub parties and such start. It also gives me a “cheat day or two” in case I simply forget to hit publish on a blog post.

101 Things seems in my mind like a decent target, but also along the way I hope to slowly digest the why’s and how’s.  Also it will prove a good system to eat healthy and workout along the journey!

So read on and enjoy the details. I will have a static 101 Things page at the top of this site for easy back reading in case you miss something and want to binge catch up. If you somehow get inspired to join in shoot me a tweet or message and I will happily add you to the links too.

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