Day 2: An old PC


I built this PC for my wife when were were dating. That was a looooooooooong time ago. In PC years this thing is like 100. I was using it as a CentOS server hosting the early days of my podcast from my home but it was slow. It worked, and still works fine but it needs lead out to the pasture and shot.

Classic old fashion energy hog. This sat in our utility room running for easily 5-6 years just as a web server. Before that it was a daily use machine. It barely runs Minecraft servers anyways.


It has a 100 Mb Zip Disk in it for Christ sake!

The Plan

This is easy: My brother wants it to install Windows 98 on to play old DOS games, perhaps ironically. This will be an OS downgrade from Windows ME to Windows 98SE lol.

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