Day 29: iPad iNope


I have always been a gadget guy. I love my tech toys. I bought into the Gen2 iPads and got me a 64Gb about a year after they launched. That thing and I went everywhere together, and frequently I started using it for home and business use. As an IT guy I found it handy to be able to pull out a touch screen device and load common websites while standing behind a rack desperately looking up documentation. On the same vein I would also play endless movies and NetFlix on it when I was off work. I did value the large screen too when using it as an eReader.

Slowly over time, thanks to Apple, the OS updates slowed and slowed the system. I stopped using it as much, then the death nail came when I got my first iPhone “PLUS” sized phone, which I think was the 5S+? The larger screen size slowly shifted my reading and watching habits away from the iPad and onto the iPhone. Also added that it had 3G/4G, it was inevitable that the iPad would fade away into obscurity.

I recall telling myself that I was keeping it around for any dumb use like wanting to pull up a calendar in the kitchen of weekly kid stuff, or maybe use it on long car trips for the kids. Honestly its not even worth that anymore. My car has an entertainment system, and the battery is so bad using it in the kitchen would require it to be plugged in constantly. That’s a hard no for me.

The Plan:

Sell it off. I think this one might go on Craigslist. I might get $50 with accessories out of it since it is in great shape. If not it will be yard sale fodder. I only need to erase it and remove it from my Apple account prior to this. I put a reminder on my calendar to do that Saturday.


This is the very last Apple device I own that has that dumb old school 30 pin connector at the bottom. I can also purge several cables, a car adapter, and whatnot! Added value from downsizing: less cables woohoo!

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