Day 42: Unplugging unused appliances


Since I got my hybrid vehicle I have been partial to electric use elsewhere in my home. After all, every night I come home and plug in a van, that sits there and draws electricity for 14 hour to fill itself back up. I am getting ready soon to install a L2 220 charger that will push this back to less than 3 hours, but that doesn’t mean that it uses less electricity overall. All in all, I am a gadget guy. I love my toys. I love my computers, my entertainment, and such.

I read somewhere that by reducing light usage alone could dramtically offset the electric charging of a hybrid car. While that statement merits some deep research, plausibly it does sound right. Imagine leaving a bunch of lights on 24/7 with those old style bulbs. Then imagine swapping them with LEDs and turning them off, or setting motion sensors. The saving in that would be epic.

In my quest to downsize and simplify, I realized that I have 2 spare appliances that are rarely used. One is a kegerator. I homebrew beer, but not too often. This small fridge simply keeps my beer cold. Sadly though perhaps 5-6 months total a year give or take, it is empty. My wife and throw random things in there from time to time, but we are getting better at just not using it. Typically it holds cans of tea, or cans of beer from the store too.

Why not simply unplug it when not being used?

The same goes for this deep freezer in the garage. It is a typical small chest freezer. Overtime it is used less and less, and we simply don’t hoard food like we used to, Honestly the only thing we ever put in there is frozen pizzas since they don’t fit right (due to poor organization) in the regular fridge/freezer.

The plan:

Since this affects the wife I am going to get her blessing first, but the plan is to simply unplug these items and make sure they properly defrost. A quick wipe out to prevent mold will be done too. The items inside them, whatever they are, will be moved or tossed since they might not ever be used.

Inside, I will reorganize the freezer to make a “slot” to slide a pizza into, that way the one thing I know we keep the freezer for has a work around.

2 fridge / freezers unplugged!  Imagine the savings.

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