Day 54: Coffee creamer


Same backstory as the sugar posting, but this time it’s coffee creamer. In the past I would make a sugary creamy coffee every day. For the past few weeks I have been sloooooowly cutting back on the powdered creamer. Today is the day I cut myself off and tried straight black coffee. The first sip made me grimace, but I swear it will get better as with most things. It wasn’t horrible, but that first taste is so bitter.

Looking at the creamers I do have, most of the non-dairy ones all say they are made of “corn solids” which sound crazy vague and generally probably not good for you. Anything that mimics dairy, yet doesn’t have a drop of dairy, AND is made from the corn industry just can’t be good in the long run.

The plan:

Continue the trend and enjoy hassle free coffee from now on. Woot.

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