VCR borrowed and returned!

This is a continuation to the previous blog post where I was trying to find a VCR.   Enjoy:

In an amazing plot twist, my father in law found out I was looking for a VCR through my wife and he showed up at my door with one. Not only did he bring a VCR over, but he also had a good old fashion VHS Tape Cleaner kit too!  I can’t make this up.

I dug out all my VHS tapes this weekend and waded into the project. At first I thought I was going to spend 10+ hours capturing video off tapes but after some gentle scrubbing though the footage it only ended up being about 1.5 hours of actual stuff I wanted to save.

I relived some of my high school days, watching some old marching band performances, English class projects where we recreated an entire episode of Cops, and even found footage of my garage band. Man did we suck, but we had fun and that’s all that counts.

I captured everything easily enough into my pc using this $8 device I bought off Amazon.  I am glad I read the reviews and saw that someone commented “When you get this device, first thing: throw the CD away that has software on it, then use any free screen capture software. I loaded up OBS, which is free software. After adding the device as a video capture card (literally no driver or configuration needed) it loaded perfectly and I was recording VHS inputs in less than a minute of effort. It honestly took me longer to plug the VCR in than it did to setup the software.

I only had about 8 tapes to copy.  I made it through the pile easily and even chopped the video into short segments. Now I need to archive them and make a backup before I get rid of the VHS tapes.   Part of me thought of keeping them just because they were on a Blockbuster tape, but nostalgia aside it is now a useless item.

Moving on in this project I also found a Mini DV tape which my brother brought over his old camera. Ironically after all the effort to find a Mini DV player, the entire tape was useless stuff so it was a bust. Oh well, can’t save them all Hasselhoff.

I am returning the VCR this week.  I will have to buy him a 6 pack of his favorite beer for bringing it over.  Pay it forward peeps.

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