Calling all podcast creators – Need hosting?

Are you a podcast creator and have a dead or dying show that you are proud of, but can’t afford to maintain hosting anymore?


Are you wanting to startup a podcast but terrified at the idea of costly hosting?

Have I got a deal for you: Free

I have been podcasting on and off for 5 years now and during that time I realized that one of the biggest hurdles to a good long term show was the hosting costs.   Many hosting providers offer services ranging from $5-$75 a month depending on features. This adds up over the lifetime of a show, very much like owning a boat.  While a lot of content creators struggle with maintaining a fresh consistent show, in the end typically money is the death nail of all good projects. There is nothing sadder than seeing a show in iTunes where the back end hosting has expired.

After the first few years of podcasting I realized that there are shows worth saving. There were several shows that were so well produced that I ended up saving them and revisiting them more than once. Overtime I had entire hard drives filled with interesting shows that eventually dropped off iTunes. I started self hosting these shows internally in my house in the form of a simple Plex server, but it wasn’t until I made my new show XPQuest that it struck me: why not just host all these old shows for others to enjoy again? Continue reading “Calling all podcast creators – Need hosting?”